These images show a variety of steps in my process. Lots of thinking late at night or staring up at trees is not depicted (but should be). Also lots of trips to Paris Mountain State Park, the Great Lakes, and the ocean.

options for the layout of the copper forms for Disseminate prior to enameling

the forms on the trivet and screens during the firing process (above: Torsion, right: Rendezvous)

left: enameled sections for Fossil sitting on sketches; above: sketches done from life while a snail crawled across and smeared the ink in my sketchbook (Gastropoda)

planning how to use freshwater pearls in Boutonniere (left), which used metal wire, and in Mother of Pearl (right), which use used pearl stringing techniques with silk

sketchbook pages for Out of Time

Wax work. At left: joining multiples of wax and laying out a possible composition of a necklace yet to be completed.

Above: spruing up the wax model for Wedding Set in preparation for lost-wax casting in sterling silver.

The silver wire setting and the enameled forms for Wound Up, completed separately but fit together. Almost ready to trim the prongs and attach.

Laying out Nestle in preparation for enameling in my studio. I need to see all my enamel colors while I make decisions!

sketches and test pieces for Nestle and Nacre